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Disinfection equipments

Monojet offers various disinfection equipment to the customers and partners. With the appearance of the Covid virus, a new demand has emerged in the market for daily disinfection in various areas of our lives. Monojet also sells the disinfection equipment of the represented EU Spray nozzle and filter manufacturer, but it also produces various disinfection equipment solutions in-house.
Mobile disinfectants
Monojet also offers various mobile fogging disinfection systems in its product range, which guarantees complete disinfection and sterilization of various surfaces and areas. All of our mobile systems can also be used to disinfect public transportation and places such as trains, planes, buses, stations, airports, offices, and more.
- fast and safe disinfection
- hygienic operation
- automated system
- mobile, wheel equipped system
- higher efficiency than manual cleaning and disinfection.
Static disinfectants
The Monojet product range also includes fixed fogging, humidification and disinfection systems that can be used to disinfect various locations, areas and surfaces. These can be e.g. hypermarkets, stations, airports, schools, large workplaces in the private or public sector, etc. Fixed disinfection systems are designed to require little or no maintenance. Installing these systems gives everyone maximum protection against viruses and diseases in our daily lives.
- low maintenance
- disinfection of surfaces and areas without getting wet
- fully automatic
- customized system based on customer needs
Monojet has also developed its own tools with the appearance of the Covid virus and as a result of responding to the global needs. Thus, our company can also supply its own personal disinfection gate and a disinfection gate for trucks, adjusted to special requirements, dimensions and parameters.

Types of disinfection equipment

Monojet personal disinfection gate

Monojet personal disinfection gate

Type: Monojet personal disinfection gate
Disinfection gate for persons. Adjustable frame size, disinfecting mat for disinfecting the sole (shoe), simple and hygienic handling thanks to the foot switch, compact design, easy assembly.
Monojet disinfection gate for vehicles

Monojet disinfection gate for vehicles

Type: Monojet disinfection gate for vehicles
For external disinfection of vehicles, easy handling, automatic operation, easy assembly. Chassis washer and heating equipment are available on request and supplied.
EU Spray Disinfection Equipment

EU Spray Disinfection Equipment

Type: EU Spray Disinfection Equipment
EU Spray offers a wide range of solutions and equipment for disinfecting different places, areas and surfaces. These are fixed or mobile devices that disinfect a given place, room, office, surface or even an airport, train station, public transport. The full product range can be viewed at the following link: https://www.euspray.com/en/disinfection-and-sanitizing-systems/

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