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Repairing and renewing of rotary joints

Repairing and renewing of rotary joints

Our product range also includes rotary joints, rotary unions and rotating couplings. This product is used among others for the transfer of thermal oil, steam, cold and hot water under pressure. Monojet Ltd is an official distributor and reseller of Rotoflux, Girol and Haag Zeissler types, but we can also supply other brands.

In addition to the distribution of new rotary heads we also offer brand-independent repairing for old models. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. In addition to our own branded products we also undertake the repair of Maier, Dublin, Kadant Johnson and all commercially available rotary joints, where this can be done within reasonable limits and costs.

In the event that wear or other failure renders the factory parts no longer suitable for repair, we can still solve the problem by housing adjustment, custom gaskets, mechanical seals. We have encountered similar situations on several occasions and have been able to refurbish them without complaint. We also have experience in repairing heads for steam, oil and water. Based on our experience, heads with ¾" connection or bigger size connections are worth looking at to see if it pays to repair them. 
With the exception of the high-speed rotary joints that introduce coolant to the main spindles of machining centers, as they are worth repairing in most cases.

As a rule of thumb it is worth having the overhaul done for half the value of a new rotary bushing, because all internal parts will be replaced. 

Common applications fields:

- Printing industry

- Paper industry

- Textile industry

- Rubber industry

- Plastics industry

- Food industry

- Bottling plants

The filling machines in bottling plants (e.g. Krones, SIPA, Sidel, KHS) have multi-channel rotary joints with a very high price. These heads are worth repairing and it is worth having them repaired in-house, in all cases we can offer a better price than the equipment manufacturer (OEM), not to mention delivery time and repair speed.