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Among our fittings and assemblies, you will find components and fittings for various systems, connected and belonging to many different areas of industry.

Our fittings include various tank accessories such as inspection fittings, illumination lamps, tank clamps or clamp bolts, rotary joints, rotary couplings for cooling, heating and tempering cylinders and other rotating machine parts.

  • A wide range of inspection and inspection fittings for pharmaceutical and food containers, glass and related lighting fixtures.
  • Various designs of flanges and lamps to be mounted on them (ATEX protected lamps are also available!)
  • A wide range of clamping lengths from clamp bolts, tank clamps for both flat and nail designs.
  • Wide range of rotary joints for different media, be it cooling water, heating water, thermal oil, hydraulic oil, air, etc.
  • Wide range of materials and surface finishes.
  • Favourable value for money, with a wide range of manufacturers' brands to choose from.
  • Fast and flexible delivery.
  • Brand-independent repair and service, reconditioning for rotary joints!

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Do you have any question? </br>Feel free to contact us!

Do you have any question?
Feel free to contact us!

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