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In addition to washing and tank washing tasks in wineries, it is very important to control air humidity.
For this EU Spray offers a solution.
These are electrically controlled air humidification systems that are wall mounted and use dry mist technology, which is able to quickly increase the air humidity. This is also ideal for dust binding and reducing static build-up.
Fixed or mobile dry fog humidification systems can maintain a constant humidity in places such as storage rooms, basements, warehouse areas.
Humidity is a key factor in reducing evaporation of wine stored in barrels.
Unlike other solutions, room humidification allows:
- to set the desired humidity and maintain it at a constant level
- reduce water and compressed air costs through automatic activation of nozzles
- Reduced maintenance costs thanks to a self-cleaning system that removes dirt from the nozzles in a fully automatic way.

Electrically controlled air humidification systems

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