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Compressed air leakage test

Compressed air leakage test

Today energy is very expensive and therefore valuable, so it's important to know if your plant or factory has a leakage in the compressed air system that is causing unnecessary extra costs for your company or factory.

Our company will map, inspect, measure and quantify the amount and monetary value of air leakage, pinpoint the leak points and eliminate them if required.

Don't let the costly air produced by your compressor leak and go to waste!

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Arguments for leakage testing:

  • Our company uses an ultrasonic leak tester to provide you very accurate data.
  • From this data and from the compressor power and consumption we can calculate the cost of the leakage points. 
  • It is very important to be aware of how much air is leaking in the plant, because this is not for the operation of the machines and therefore not for production
  • We map the leakage points!
  • If required, we can also take over the elimination of leaks!
  • Reduce your costs reasonably, save air leakage!
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