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Nozzles are small parts, components that also play a very important role in car washing. Using the wrong nozzle will result in a poor quality wash and consequent loss of customers.
There are two types of car wash in most cases. One is where there is a tunnel equipped with an automatic vehicle transmission system and the cleaning is done in this tunnel, and the other is the self-service car wash.
Car wash tunnel
The front of the tunnel is usually equipped with flat jet nozzles such as C1 or MC3.
The high-flow nozzles are usually attached by a pipe clamp and are used to wet the vehicle body before the detergent is applied and then the high-pressure wash is performed. The spray angle is usually between 45° and 65°.
The following tunnel areas are equipped with large rotating brushes to remove dirt from the vehicle body. During this process, a mixture of water and soap is sprayed by flat jet nozzles such as the C1 or MC3E types with a spray angle of 65°. These nozzles are also fixed with pipe clamps. In this case, however, low flow nozzles are required at a medium pressure of 5-6 bar.
We can also find in the washing machines an adjustable lever, which is equipped with only one nozzle for higher pressure, which is 20-30 bar. In this case, the high pressure nozzle is used, which is directly fixed on the arm with the aim of cleaning the bodywork and at the same time removing the dirt from the brushes.
The washing of the front of the vehicle is carried out with high pressure nozzles such as HP, HHP, which have a very narrow spray angle and are mounted on mobile beams.
At the end of the process, which also depends on the total length of the tunnel, the vehicle is flushed using C1 and MC3 nozzles.
In the shorter washing tunnels, some pipes are also equipped with pipe clamps made of plastic and fitted with flat jet nozzles. These are low flow nozzles for dispensing detergents. Also the same plastic pipe clamps may be fitted with high pressure nozzles.
Pipe clamps also save labour by eliminating the need to uncoil and coil the nozzles into the pipe.
Self-service washer
Self-service washers have car bays parallel to each other with 1 to 1 lance for washing. At the end of the lance is a high-pressure flat jet nozzle.
In order to protect the reverse osmosis filters in the washers, EU Spray self-cleaning filters can be used effectively.

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