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IBC washing station

IBC washing station

Another type of washing equipment that is very common is the IBC or other tank washing equipment, whether it is for low or for high pressure.

During our daily work we come across different technical solutions every day in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, component manufacturing, where proper cleaning is a cornerstone of the production process.

Almost everyone has come across a standard IBC tank. Due to their compact versatility, IBC tanks are used in many applications for the storage of various liquid media and chemicals required for production. IBC tanks can be refilled many times after emptying, as long as their physical condition allows for safe use.

In many cases the internal surfaces of IBCs which are in contact with the medium need to be cleaned before the re-filling. The causes of the cleaning:

  • Residual contamination from storage.
  • The presence of foreign matter in the IBC container.
  • Drying out of stored media.
  • Media change

In many cases tanks are cleaned manually with a spray gun or manual pressure washers. There is then a risk that the cleaning is not thorough enough, which may later cause quality problems or that the worker is exposed to a medium during washing that is harmful to health or irritating.
In order to optimize the washing process we have designed and created our IBC washing station, which is automated, fast, thorough and meets occupational health and safety standards.
Its main components are: 

  • Horizontal centrifugal pump (for low pressure IBC washing)
  • Low-pressure (low IBC) for low-pressure low IBC pressure
  • Station frame structure: pump and control bracket, washing head support frame with fixed piping
  • Control unit

The control allows adjustable wash cycle times based on the preset 
The pump is automatically switched off at the end of the set programme and washing stops.

IBC washing station types:

  • Low pressure (4-6 bar) IBC washing station
  • High pressure (80-100 bar) IBC washing equipment

On request we can also supply ATEX certified components for solvent washing mounted on a chassis (without control).
High pressure IBC washer is equipped with a high-pressure plunger pump and fitted with a high-pressure rotating tank wash head.

The washer station can be designed and built according to individual requirements and can be manufactured to suit for cleaning other storage vessels, drums, barrels, etc.