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Chemical industry

Plastic cone PP nozzles are used in the chemical industry to spray chemicals in the towers where the product is dried. This chemical is in fact a liquid detergent.
This type of liquid is sprayed because it is compatible with the acidity of the product. This medium is compatible with the acidness of the product.
And the flat jet nozzles are used for bagging detergents as part of washing equipment.
Pharmaceutical industry
Full cone nozzles are used in washing equipment to wash vials and bottles before syrup is added. Vials are supplied to pharmaceutical companies "raw" with a protective silicone layer on their surface. They must be washed before filling.
Pneumatic atomizing nozzles
Pneumatic atomizer nozzles with very low flow rates are used to disinfect the vials in which blood samples are collected. The unique shape of the nozzles can very accurately dispense 0,0500 ml of disinfectant liquid over the entire surface without leaving a residue. Pneumatic nozzles are also used to disinfect containers with oxonia solution.
Nozzles with pipe clamps that spray a degreasing or phosphating liquid. The nozzles are usually flat jet nozzles, but can also be cone nozzles (often of plastic material quality).

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