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CAT and SPECK high-pressure pumps and aggregates

Our range of high-pressure pumps includes CAT, Speck and Interpump triplex (3-pump) pumps and pump units.
We sell pumps with free shaft ends either as pump-motor units or as pump-motor units.
Pump-motor unit: pump with motor, clutch and clutch guard, assembled
CAT and Speck pumps are well known in the industry, it varies from area to area and from industry to industry which is the better-known brand. There is no difference between CAT and Speck in terms of operating principle, design, quality and lifetime.
We assemble the pumps ourselves, so we choose the motor for the pump that is right for the application, taking into account the operating and technical parameters (German or Italian motor if required).
The accessories are all original CAT or Speck accessories, but as we select and buy the motor ourselves directly from the motor manufacturer, the purchase route is shorter (CAT and Speck do not produce motors, the two pump brands buy their own motors from other motor manufacturers) and the labour costs will not be the same as the manufacturer's (German) labour costs.
The motor brands are mainly Elektra or AC Motor (German companies).
If required, we can also supply Interpump pumps, pump-motor units and aggregates.
Main features of CAT and Speck pumps:
- ceramic pistons
- long life due to the quality of the materials used
- durability due to high quality materials
- motors with variable frequency drive control
- delivery power remains constant at all back pressures
- low pulsation
The main applications for CAT and Speck high pressure pumps are:
- in car washes (conventional car washes, washing tunnels)
- Reverse osmosis (water treatment, waste water treatment, desalination of seawater, beverage industry, etc.)
- high pressure washing (hot water, cold water aggregates, mobile and installed washers)
- food industry (dairy, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.)
- air conditioning (humidification, temperature control, dust control, etc.)
- water hydraulics (machine tools, printing presses, power stations, etc.)
- special fields (water jet cutting, water injection, etc.)
- pressure boosting, pressure lifting (test stations, pressure tests, etc.)
- hot water areas (boiler water, sterilization, etc.)
Possible pump head materials: copper, stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel-iron-bronze
The aggregates are suitable for operation up to 0-24 hours!
Main wear parts: seals, valves, pistons
We supply all CAT, Speck pump types and their wear parts!
In case of complete pump sets, we adapt to the individual customer's needs and build the pump sets based on these!

High pressure pump aggregates

Pumping unit: pump-motor unit + accessories (pulsation dampers, manometer, safety valve, pressure regulator) assembled on request, pump-motor units and units can be mounted on a base frame and equipped with damping pads (buffers).


We can supply aggregates up to 700 bar pressure and 1000 l/min delivery capacity.

CAT high-pressure pump aggregates

CAT high-pressure pump aggregates

Type: CAT high-pressure pump aggregate
Features: CAT pump – generally motor from AC Motor GmbH – CAT accessories – base frame with buffers – ready for use
SPECK high-pressure pump aggregates

SPECK high-pressure pump aggregates

Type: Speck high-pressure pump aggregate

Features: Speck pump – generally motor from Elektra Motor GmbH – Speck accessories – base frame with buffers – ready for use

Pumps with free shaft end

Pump with free shaft end: only the pump unit itself without motor and coupling

CAT pumps with free shaft end

CAT pumps with free shaft end

Type: CAT pumps with free shaft end
Features: CAT high-pressure pump with free shaft-end, types: 300, 310, 340, 350, 3CP series, 5CP series, 7CP series etc.
SPECK pumps with free shaft end

SPECK pumps with free shaft end

Type: Speck pumps with free shaft end
Features: Speck high-pressure pump with free shaft-end, types: P11, P21, P22…P81, series NP

Accessories / Wear parts

We offer a wide range of accessories for CAT and Speck pumps!

Flexible clutch, clutch guard, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, pressure regulator automatics, pressure compensating valve, gun, lance, high pressure nozzle, etc.


Please select the wear parts from the exploded view of the pump type, which will be sent to you on request!

Typical wear parts: valves, seals, pistons (ceramic).



Type: accessories

Spare parts

Spare parts

Type: spare parts

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