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Complete solutions

Below is a brief description of our company's capabilities in the field of complete works including designing, construction, technical handover and installation.

Of course due to the nature and specificity of the project 1 or 2 phases may be dropped out (e.g. customer takes over it or 1 or 2 parts are already available at the customer’s site, etc.) and the type of project will also determine which phases are required.
For having a short overview the following part is a brief description of what our company does and where we competence have.

  • Renovation, rethinking, optimization of industrial washing equipment.
  • Construction of IBC tank washing station for low or high pressure.
  • Pneumatic system renewing, re-designing, construction, testing
  • Maintenance of air-operated pneumatic systems, which may include checking for leakage points, replacement of stuck working cylinders, broken piping, etc. and or repair of all these.
  • Installation of pump systems including pipe lines, integrating them into the complete system and ensuring the harmonization of the pump with the another belonging fluidtechnique system elements.