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Environmental Protection

The company Monojet offers the following solutions for the environmental protection applications.
The following complete systems, system designing, system manufacturing and solutions gives the profile of the company Ecospraytech.
DeNOx systems
Removal of pollutants from industrial gas streams. NOx abatement systems are of paramount importance for meeting the new air quality standards.
Till today Ecospray Technologies has designed and manufactured more than 100 nitrogen removal systems.
DeNOx systems are installed in the cement industry, steel and metal industries, chemical plants, as e.g. we can also find such systems in the field of energy supply.
Gas cooling
The essence of gas cooling systems is that very fine (ultra-fine) water spray is sprayed directly into the gas stream.
Gas cooling uses single high pressure systems (Single Fluid), dual low pressure systems and combined "Spill Air" systems. (high pressure water / low pressure air)
Adiabatic cooling systems
Less fuel, higher emissions and lower volume of pollution.
Ecospray delivers adiabatic cooling systems by spraying demineralized water to increase energy emissions.
With Ecopsray humidification systems, each decrease in ° C results in an increase in energy emissions of 0.6-0.7%.
Biogas treatment
H2S and CO2 removal, where Ecospray combines these two with drying and nitrogen removal.
DeSOx and acid gas removal
High priority the removal of SOx and acid gases in industry and ship industry. In the shipbuilding industry, the system aims to reduce the harmful gases produced by a ship's diesel engine.

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