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Renewing of pneumatic system

Renewing of pneumatic system

We also undertake the overhaul of pneumatic systems and machines.

The task usually consists of the following steps:

  • Familiarization with the previous mode of operation
  • Clarification and finalisation of the customer's ideas for the new operation
  • Disassembly of the machine and identification of the working cylinders and components
  • Identify and define the working cylinders and the components that perform the work
  • Preparation of a path-step diagram for the new operation
  • Design, construction, testing and handover

Once the necessary functions and the new path-step diagram have been created we will think about the logical elements that will be needed. 

Once this has been done we start designing the control with the help of FluidSim software. During design it is essential to test the circuit repeatedly and eliminate any undesirable situations as subsequent modification is only possible in hardware. But in the case of purely pneumatic controls it can easily happen that even a serious fault can only be overcome at considerable extra cost.

After receipt of the components we pre-assemble and test the connection in our workshop followed by the on-site work, i.e. replacement of the necessary components, control, start-up and testing.