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Renewing of industrial washing equipment

Renewing of industrial washing equipment

There are many types of washing equipment in the industry including box washers, tray washers, spare part washers, bottle washers, rotary table washers, tunnel washers, etc.

A common feature of all washing machines is that the washing itself is done by spray nozzles which are mounted on pipes in some way, which provide the washing power and efficiency. For the nozzles to transport the medium a pump is needed, which can be a centrifugal pump or even a high-pressure pump if the technology is high-pressure.

A tank is needed from which the pump sucks and flows or it is possible that the medium in this tank is not pure water but some kind of solvent medium and the solvent is fed into the tank by a dosing pump.
The dosing itself can be done for pH, conductivity (conductivity) or simply by setting on the pump how many mg/l do we want to dose.
Fittings such as a butterfly valve, ball valve, flow meter, flow monitor, pressure gauge, etc. may be required to straighten the flow path.
The washing process requires some kind of transport mechanism to convey the object to be washed, e.g. a conveyer track. And the whole system needs some kind of control system to control the whole equipment.
Obviously this is an interplay between different parts, components, as we always start from the assumption of how much and with what medium we can wash efficiently, for which we choose a nozzle, calculate nozzle allocation, spray distance, nozzle number. The nozzles require a suitable pump for which a working point must be calculated taking into account the pressure drops. For the pipe between the pump and the nozzle a diameter must be calculated and the fittings must be planned.
The pump must be feed with a pre-pressure, a tank, and (for certain types) protection against running dry.
We speak about here a complete system, therefore it requires a deeper investigation, discussing the demands with the customer, detailed and exact calculation and designing and later on installation.
We overtake renewing and optimization for already existing washing equipment.